If you want to send a postcard to Lieke, the adress in the USA is:
                                            837 Rosehill Dr. King of Prussia
                                            19406 Philadelphia

Thanks to the amount of money already collected and the actions that are planned, Lieke and her family are now sure to make the trip to America.

Foundation ' LiekeWilLeven ' has no target amount anymore for America, but goes through with raising funds for the following reasons:  
  • If Lieke for any reason must discontinue the treatment in America (because  the heavy treatment can occur allergic reactions or a new outbreak of the incalculable neuraoblastoom has to stop the threatment in the US), the Foundation wants to keep the door open for a possible follow-up treatment in Greifswald (costs € 160,000. Information can be read under "neuroblastoma-Greifswald").
  • To raise as much money as possible for fundamental research (all investigations come only from private donations).

Therefore until the departure to America actions will be organized and supported and all pending actions after the departure to America just go ahead.

From this place we would like to thank everyone in advance for the ongoing and organized actions, the donations, the care and the shown commitment to the already achieved results for Lieke.

The fight  may and will not be for nothing!


Lieke is a five year old girl and is currently being treated for cancer. She has been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma gradation 4. Gradation 4 indicates that the cancer is in a developed stage and basically means ‘high risk’.
Neuroblastoma is an aggressive form of cancer occurring with children. 1 out of 100.000 children is being diagnosed with this disease.  Once a child is diagnosed to have a neuroblastoma with high risk, chances on survival after intensive chemo therapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and stem cell transplantation in The Netherlands are 20 to 30%. A continued treatment in the US (immuno-therapy) will improve chances on survival with approximately 20%. This immuno-therapy treatment takes about half a year and the family needs to stay in the US during the entire treatment process.
To make this treatment possible a huge amount of money is necessary. This foundation is founded to generate financial means to finance the journey to the US, the stay in the US and therewith to realise treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Help Lieke, her parents and little sister in this heavy battle to fight cancer and to realise treatment in Philadelphia, US. Help to give Lieke and her family a bright future to look forward to