Goal Foundation

Family and friends of Lieke have founded the foundation Lieke Wants To Live. The objective of this foundation is to generate financial means to finance the journey to the US, the stay in the US and therewith to realise treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The family will stay in Philadelphia for approximately six months. Due to this long-term stay Lieke’s parents are unable to work, thus unable to generate income to support their family. Next to costs for family support it will also be possible to finance additional costs for medicines through the foundation.

To make treatment in Philadelphia possible an amount of approximately € 75.000,- is needed. The foundation is completely dependent on donations from both private individuals and companies. The foundation will start its own fundraising activities and support / provide information to spontaneous fundraising activities initiated by third parties.

In case the journey to the US and therewith treatment in Philadelphia will not commence for whatever reason, or if more money than necessary is raised, the foundation will donate the money to two other foundations. On request by Lieke’s parents the money will be donated to ‘Villa Joep as well as to ‘KIKA’. These foundations finance research regarding neuroblastoma and children cancer. Their main objectives are similar; enable the development of new and better treatments to cure children from cancer.